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Fire Department Programs

Fire prevention is listed as the number o1 priority within the department's mission statement. The department developed a strong fire and life safety education program where citizens from Pre-K through senior adults are taught various age-related topics to enhance their safety.

The programs include a Firefighter Clown Brigade where all members are certified through the Georgia Fire Academy in methods of alternative education. In addition to the clowns you may encounter "Fire Pup," which is an adult-sized caricature of a Dalmatian, or "Freddie the Fire Truck," which is a robotic fire truck that can talk directly with the children. But you had better watch out, Freddie does carry water on board!

First Night Out Program

Program Overview

The "First Night Out" program is designed to pick up after a fire is out and all of the hose is rolled up by providing a family that has just faced the tragedy of fire with lodging for 24 hours, meals, personal need items, and clothing.

Program Scope

The program is funded by community donations and is administered by fire personnel. The department has extended its reach with this program beyond the Rockmart city limits to those who live in Eastern Polk County.

A Department That Cares

The firefighters of this department truly understand the impact of the destruction and devastation that a fire may bring. It is through this outreach program they attempt to ease each and every family back into a normal lifestyle.