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Employment Opportunity - Firefighter


Come join the team today!

 1.      Application Dates: 1/4/23-1/24/23

2.      Qualifications:

a.       Minimum Age: 18 yrs. old

b.      Must have a valid Ga. Driver’s License

c.       Must have a high school diploma or GED

d.      Present Birth Certificate

3.      Salary: 38,811- 41,155.00

 When submitting your application, you must have a government issued ID, your High School Diploma or GED AND your birth certificate INCLUDED with your application. 

Apply at:

Rockmart Fire & Emergency Services. 651 Goodyear Ave. Mon.-Fri.: 9 AM - 5 PM

City of Rockmart. 316 N. Piedmont Ave. Mon.-Fri. : 9 AM - 5 AM