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Lottery Application for Distilled Spirits Retail

The City of Rockmart will be taking applications for the Distilled Spirits Retail lottery January 3 - 28, 2022. 

Applicants must complete the application in its entirety and submit the application in person. 

When submitting the application applicants MUST HAVE:

  • $750.00 Non-refundable application fee
  •  Application completed in it's entirety
  • A notarized statement, with background financial documents, from an accountant, financial advisor, bank, or similar entity, that the applicant has sufficient financial stability to purchase and maintain, as required by section 3 - 207(10) of the City Code, for distilled spirits package sales, a minimum average retail inventory of not less than $200,000.00
  • Government issued ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Proposed Location. Allowed locations will only be in zones C-3 and PD-2. 


All applicants who submit their preliminary information to the City will be subject to background checks, state of Georgia reviews, and all other preliminary investigation regarding the applicant's qualifications to be placed in the lottery system. No applicant may change, modify nor alter the application after it has been submitted; unless the City determines that some corrective information is needed to complete the initial application process. Therefore, if an applicant is successfully drawn in the lottery to proceed with the final application process, that applicant can NOT sell, assign, transfer or otherwise attempt to convey any rights, title nor interests in the lottery process. If chosen, the applicant must proceed with the final portion of the application process and if successful, open a package sale store for business.  


Distilled Spirits Retail Ordinance

Distilled Spirits Tentative Timeline 

Distilled Spirits Retail Lottery Application 


Please call the Community Development Department if you have any questions about the application or the lottery process at 770-684-5454.